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Direct From Owners Sell & Rent | Case Study & Reviews | Malta & Gozo

San Pawl tat-Targa

Maria & Alan

We had a challenging situation with a sick child, making it crucial to limit the number of people entering our home. Given that our property, a four-level house with a home office, was difficult to showcase adequately through photos alone, we enlisted the help of local real estate agents in Attard, including Massimo, to market it internationally.

The team, comprising both local and overseas agents, utilized innovative solutions by photographing and scanning the property, ultimately creating an impressive virtual tour. This not only allowed us to showcase our home effectively, but also ensured that only serious buyers would visit.

The response was outstanding, with a buyer from Overseas purchasing the property after viewing it remotely and subsequently travelling to Malta for the transaction. This success can be attributed to the excellent marketing strategy and digital imaging expertise of Massimo and his team. In today’s fast-paced world, their approach proved to be highly effective. Great achievement to Massimo and the team for their outstanding work.

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Victoria & Manule

We are the proud owners of four apartments that we constructed ourselves as a family in the construction business. I enlisted Massimo’s team to market these properties in Marsascala. Within a few weeks, all the apartments were successfully rented out at an excellent price, even during the low season. Massimo’s team provided qualified and ready leads, saving us valuable time. We personally conducted the inspections. You can view my listings by clicking here. Everything is set and ready for the next opportunity.

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Rental Exclusive Villa

Rental Exclusive Villa stands out as one of the most spectacular villas, featuring an indoor heated lap pool and an outdoor pool perched on an incredible cliff. With a year-round high demand and a stellar reputation, we initially engaged a larger web development team in Gozo, but unfortunately, their work was outdated, especially in handling the photography and understanding the property presentation.

Upon discovering Massimo & Patty’s specialisation in presenting properties comprehensively, we decided to entrust them with our project. Their meticulous approach captures every aspect of the property, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, when we underwent renovations five years later, we called upon Massimo to reshoot the updated changes.

The results have been remarkable. Our rental bookings have seen great success, often secured well in advance, and inquiries have decreased as users can fully comprehend the property without needing additional information. The implementation of a full virtual reality experience has been a game-changer, providing users with an immersive feel as if they are physically present.

In the past, we encountered numerous callers wanting in-person tours, consuming valuable time. Now, we efficiently qualify potential renters by directing them to the Virtual Tour. We express our gratitude for Massimo and Patty’s hard work in documenting our property to the highest standard. Their outstanding work in web development and photography is truly commendable. Well done!

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Thomas and Emma

Seven years ago, we purchased a 150-year-old property in Birgu. Living in the UK made it challenging to oversee the renovations continuously. We eventually halted the renovations halfway through, as we found Malta to be increasingly bustling, with difficulties in locating skilled tradespeople for the restoration of our old Maltese townhouse. In light of these challenges, we engaged Massimo to develop a marketing strategy, utilizing 3D rendering and finishing videos for our property. The outcome was not only a successful marketing campaign but also the sale of our property within a few months. We are delighted with the excellent results.

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San Gwann

Anna Schmidt

Having resided in Sliema and San Gwann for 11 years, the time has come for me to return to my home country. I enlisted Patty & Massimo to handle the sale and marketing of my fully furnished property. They successfully secured a genuine buyer, providing a highly professional experience throughout. The presentation was impressive, and the documentation was thorough. Feel free to explore my property site for more details.

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Silvia and Mario Briffa

Thanks to the professional presentation and extensive marketing provided by the media service, I successfully sold my penthouse within two months. This not only resulted in a quick sale but also saved me 8K in agent commissions.

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Ta Giorni

Roberta and Mark

I purchased my dream house in the Swieqi Area, but unexpectedly had to sell mine in Ta’ Giorni right away to finance the property. We had a tight timeframe to sell the property quickly and at the right price, so finding a cash buyer was crucial. I initially hired 4 main large brands Real Estate offices, but it turned out to be a big mistake. The agents in the group never even visited the property, and they all marketed it at a low price. The photos they took were terrible quality and cluttered, taken with a mobile phone that caught me by surprise during the appraisal process.

The agents continuously pushed me to accept the lowest offer so that they could sell it before other agents. Frustrated with their approach, I decided to terminate all their open contracts and remove their terrible quality photos from Facebook Marketplace – quite a task in itself.

I then hired Massimo to professionally market the property using methods such as a dedicated mini Website, letterbox drops in all the areas, floor plans, and high-quality advertising. Massimo successfully found the right cash buyer for my property at the right price – no easy feat considering it is a housing commission maisonette.

I want to express my gratitude towards Massimo and his team for delivering great results through their professional work. Feel free to view my property for yourself.

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John & Sahra

We embarked on the journey of creating a rental property profile for the market. As a couple with busy lives—myself involved in renovations and my wife working as a police officer, managing our time efficiently is crucial, especially with two kids in the picture. Seeking assistance, we turned to Massimo to help us effectively market our property online.

Massimo’s team not only styled and photographed our property but also set up a small website and implemented SEO strategies. They facilitated direct bookings through Stripe and synchronized our booking calendars with platforms like and Airbnb. The modest investment we made resulted in remarkably high occupancy rates.

We are extremely pleased with the entire setup process, especially the personalized service provided by Massimo himself. He patiently guided us through using AnyDesk software, teaching us everything we needed to know to successfully enter the property rental market.

We express our sincere gratitude for the dedicated effort on behalf of our family. Feel free to explore our first project in Valletta. Thank you once again for your invaluable support.

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John Gaspey

It was a fantastic experience working with Massimo on this sale project. St Julians had become too busy for me with construction happening every day. I decided to hire Massimo directly to sell my overseas apartment in St Julians, and the transaction was quick and efficiently.

We put our trust in the team’s high-level Facebook advertising, showcasing appealing images, and we found the right buyer almost immediately. I highly recommend this unique approach to real estate.

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View Point Guest House

I would like to express my gratitude to Patty and Massimo for their invaluable assistance in establishing our beautiful guest house, which has garnered 5/5 Google reviews and an impressive 9.9 rating on

During the construction phase, I had limited knowledge of the hotel industry. Massimo and Patty not only guided me but also set up essential components for our success, including Google presence, professional photography, a virtual tour, and the development of a user-friendly website. They even incorporated QR codes in the rooms for breakfast convenience.

Throughout the years, their unwavering support has been instrumental. When expanding our guest house and adding extra rooms, the seamless process of dealing with only one point of contact, from A to Z, was a game-changer for us.

We highly recommend anyone planning to open a small guest house to seek expert guidance from the outset. The combination of impactful photography and a user-friendly website has been pivotal in maintaining consistently high room occupancy throughout the year.

Feel free to visit our website to experience the results of Patty and Massimo’s expertise firsthand.

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Get Aways Rental Group

We operate small accommodation groups, including Get aways and Islet Hotel in St. Paul’s Bay, Mellieha, and Xemxija in the north of Malta. Over the years, we have consistently relied on Massimo for showcasing our properties and enhancing their appeal on platforms like Massimo not only manages our website but also connects seamlessly with our channel manager, ensuring a smooth and efficient online presence.

The excellence in Massimo’s work has been evident from the start, and even after several years, his presentations continue to outshine those of our competitors. The investment in high-quality photography and compelling property presentation has proven to be a valuable asset, contributing to consistent room occupancy.

We extend our gratitude to Massimo for his unwavering services over the past five years. His punctuality, attention to detail, and consistent delivery have played a crucial role in our success. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration in the years to come.

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Salini Apart Apartments

Salini Apart Apartments is a project born from my parents’ dreams, with my mother handling the design and my father discovering the prime Seaview location near a famous tourist landmark. The majority of the design features dark and raw concrete, and despite attempts by other photographers, the results were disastrous.

In our quest for a solution, we turned to Massimo to take charge of both the photography and web development aspects of the project. Massimo’s vision centred around capturing the essence of Sun, Water, Sunset, and the unique location. The resulting website not only reflected this vision but also positioned Salini Apart Apartments as a distinctive destination.

Upon our opening in 2023, we still had some unfinished rooms, but bookings flooded in immediately, leading to a fully booked status. The presentation exceeded our expectations, and Massimo played a crucial role in promptly setting us up on Google,, and Airbnb. With the help of a Channel Manager, we maintained full control over bookings, avoiding any issues of overbooking.

I highly recommend Massimo’s team for those in need of quality and urgency with a keen attention to detail. They have proven to be invaluable in achieving our goals for Salini Suites

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Doris Apart Apartments

I am compelled to share my sincere appreciation for the exceptional services delivered by your team in crafting our hotel’s website Doris Apart Apartments and encapsulating its essence through breathtaking photography with styling and virtual tours.

The culmination of your efforts is a website that not only highlights the distinctive charm and offerings of our hotel but also ensures an intuitive and captivating user experience for our guests. Your team’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the website’s design and functionality.

I extend my gratitude for your unwavering dedication, profound expertise, and imaginative approach throughout the entire process. The impact of your work has been profound, and we are genuinely thrilled with the final result.

Without hesitation, we enthusiastically recommend Massimo’s services to any business in search of unparalleled web development and photography solutions. Thank you for contributing significantly to the success and visual appeal of our hotel’s online presence.

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Georges Guest House

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the outstanding services provided by your Massimo’s team in developing our hotel’s website and capturing its essence through stunning photography. The result is a website that not only showcases the unique charm and offerings of our hotel but also provides an intuitive and engaging user experience for our guests. Thank you once again for your dedication, expertise, and creativity. We wholeheartedly recommend your services to any business seeking top-notch web development and photography solutions.

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Baron Rental Farmhouse House and Acomodations

For the past six years, we have managed an extensive portfolio of farmhouses and holiday accommodations. During this time, we consistently enlisted Patty & Massimo to showcase our properties with the highest level of styling presentation in Photography and virtual tours. Their approach ensures transparency and trust from the beginning to the end. Feel free to explore properties.

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Guest House Battistini

We found Massimo online because we liked the website he built for a similar guest house – it was easy, simple, and had a modern way of displaying the property. It takes two types of people to photograph and understand a property to explain it to someone else. Patty and Massimo were very professional; they styled and arranged the furniture, set up the breakfast areas, making the guest house more welcoming and adding a personal touch. It was great to deal with someone who knows what they are doing, especially during the busy time of opening the guest house.

The setup with Stripe and the booking system was straightforward. They provided one-on-one remote training, and I was ready to go with excellent WhatsApp chat support, even on Sundays. The website has been working great, and I’ve noticed higher rates of direct bookings compared to other hotels I’ve spoken with. Thanks for your help.

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