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Why real estate marketing words matter

Our real estate copywriters will help you connect with prospects and potential sellers so that you get better results.

That’s because we’re experts at writing copy that inspires action and engages with your buyers, sellers or stakeholders both emotionally and rationally. Our team of writers are masters at all types of real estate writing, from development brochures through to insightful and well-researched articles about property or lifestyle trends. Whether you’re a property developer, buyer’s advocate or real estate agent, you’ll see how a good word is worth a thousand pictures when it comes to real estate.

Real Estate copywriting isn’t just about conveying facts; it’s also about telling a story, and appealing to a buyer’s emotions. With that in mind, our approach to copywriting is to create honest, engaging and professional copy that celebrates the individuality and personality of a property, and is written with your target-buyer firmly in mind. We have a standard package detailed below, but if you have specific needs, get in touch, and we’ll tailor a package that will give you exactly what you want.

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When you’re listing a property for sale, the main goal is to reach as many potential buyers as possible and gain their interest so you can make a sale quickly and smoothly. Like selecting the perfect photos for your listing that let the property shine, the words you choose to use in your real estate listing description really matter. Words have deep meaning, and choosing the wrong words sends signals to a potential buyer about the property – and sending the wrong signals will either deter buyers or attract the wrong buyers.

Since we’re not all professional copywriters, it can be hard to select the perfect words that describe the property you’re trying to sell, while at the same time doesn’t alienate or scare away potential buyers by giving them the wrong impression.

Based on some of the best real estate listing description examples we compiled from across the internet, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best real estate words and real estate synonyms to use in your property descriptions. These are truly real estate words that sell!

So if you want to engage more potential buyers and expand your real estate keywords, check out below some of our top real estate marketing words you can add to your next listing description. For good measure, we’ve also compiled a list of what we see as some of the worst real estate words that we recommended you stay away from.

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