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What is a channel manager?
Top 100 channel manager
Used in Malta & Gozo

A vacation rental channel manager is a piece of specialised software that allows you to automatically distribute property listings across multiple booking channels. It lets you update your rates, availability, calendars and listings across all the channels you advertise on in real-time, using API connections.

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Hotel Channel Management Software
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We specialise in crafting stylish, attractive, and unique websites tailored for hotels and resorts, employing the latest technologies in website design, particularly with WordPress. Our websites are not only visually appealing but also easy to manage, offering complete control over the site’s content. With a responsive design, they seamlessly adapt to all devices and are supported across all web browsers. Explore our demo office showcase and take advantage of our courses on utilizing a channel manager effectively. For inquiries, contact Massimo Debattista at 9982 2899.

What is the best hotel management software?

Beddy'sClick Here To View Website994.9/54.9/54.5/5Very Good
Little HotelierClick Here To View Website994.9/54.9/54.5/5Very Good
SiteMinderClick Here To View Website994.6/54.4/54.4/5Average
CloudbedClick Here To View Website974.64.5/54.5/5Below Average
Ericsoft Suite 5Click Here To View Website42.5/51/52/5Not recommended
Vertical Booking Click Here To View Website714.5/5 4.5/5 4.4/5Pricing Available By Request
RateGainClick Here To View Website924.7/5 4.7/54.6/5Above Average
ProfitroomClick Here To View Website924.7/54.6/54.6/5Average
eviivoClick Here To View Website854.7/54.8/54.6/5Above Average
innRoadClick Here To View Website78 4.5/5 4.6/5 4.4/5Pricing Available By Request
HotelogixClick Here To View Website784.8/54.8/5 4.7/5Pricing Available By Request
SabreClick Here To View Website76 4.4/5 4.0/54.1/5Below Average
HotelRunnerClick Here To View Website74 4.7/5 4.6/54.7/5Pricing Available By Request
InnQuestClick Here To View Website614.4/54.0/53.9/5Pricing Available By Request
BlastnessClick Here To View Website56 4.4/5 4.4/54.0/5Pricing Available By Request
eZee CentrixClick Here To View Website894.8/5 4.8/5 4.6/5Pricing Available By Request
RateTiger eRevMaxClick Here To View Website774.4/54.7/54.5/5Pricing Available By Request
NightsBridgeClick Here To View Website724.7/54.7/5 4.6/5Pricing Available By Request
D-EDGEClick Here To View Website294.7/5 4.6/5 4.6/5Pricing Available By Request
HostawayClick Here To View Website874.7/54.8/54.8/5Fair
TravelLineClick Here To View Website724.9/54.9/54.7/5Pricing Available By Reques
SmartHOTELClick Here To View Website714.5/54.8/54.5/5Pricing Available By Request
STAAHClick Here To View Website164.6/54.4/5 4.3/5Pricing Available By Request
Hotel-SpiderClick Here To View Website214.6/54.8/54.6/5Pricing Available By Request
RoomCloudClick Here To View Website21 4.5/54.5/5 4.3/5Pricing Available By Request
yieldPlanetClick Here To View Website214.2/5 4.3/5 4.2/5Pricing Available By Request
Stardekk (Cubilis)Click Here To View Website224.2/54.2/53.8/5Pricing Available By Request