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Overseas Property Marketing – New Service Starting February 2024
If you have any of these questions, please reach out to us:
– How can I sell my property overseas?
– What are the best strategies to market my property?
– Is it a good idea to invest in overseas property?

Guide to International Property Marketing
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These days, many countries recognize the benefits of opening their markets to foreign buyers. They attract investment without requiring any investment from outside their national borders, resulting in a win-win situation. Some countries, such as Malta and Gozo, even offer citizenship investment schemes, also known as golden visas or passports, granting buyers certain rights to live and work.

Even before the COVID crisis, remote working from home enabled millions of people to work from anywhere they wanted. Many choose to become expats in other countries where the cost of living and property is lower. Furthermore, living or vacationing abroad is no longer seen as a luxury but rather as the new normal. Many individuals now consider themselves dual-location residents.

So how can you find reliable professionals in the industry who can connect buyers and sellers? Property Markets Scorecard International offers advertising services for your overseas properties.