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Professional Property Photography
For Villas – Prices may vary less or more, depends on the floorplan size.

Real estate photography is essential since it has a big impact on how people perceive and can sell a home. A home might look more pleasant, roomy, and welcoming with high-quality photos while looking unattractive and amateurish with low-quality photos.


Our Process:

We offer flexible scheduling options and user-friendly forms to make the booking process convenient for you.

Our experienced professionals arrive punctually and fully prepared for the photoshoot. We are hands-on and can assist with moving objects to declutter the room and create an appealing space.

With our streamlined Photoshop production blending process, we ensure quick turnaround times for delivering your edited photos. It’s important to note that we do not use HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing. Instead, we rely on ambient lighting techniques and cut-out window exposures to optimize the visual impact of each image.

You can easily download your photos from any computer using WeTransfer. We provide four different folder sizes: 1200px (for email), 2000px (for websites), 4000px (for platforms like, and 6000px at 300DPI (for high-quality prints).

Trust our years of experience in property photography to capture your space beautifully, highlight its unique features, and attract potential buyers or renters.

Improved Internet Visibility
In today’s digital age, having high-quality real estate photography is crucial for making a strong online presence. When a property ranks higher in search results due to eye-catching images, its visibility is enhanced.

Establishing an Emotional Connection
Real estate photography helps create an emotional bond between potential buyers and the property. When buyers can envision themselves living in the space, they are more likely to make an offer. Skilled photographers are able to capture the unique qualities of a property, conveying a sense of comfort and warmth that words alone cannot express.

Saves Time and Money
By attracting the right buyers through effective real estate photography, time and money can be saved. When images accurately depict the property, the number of showings required to secure a purchase can be reduced. Additionally, using professional photos may decrease the likelihood of buyers trying to negotiate down the price after visiting in person.

Highlights Property’s Best Features
Real estate photography showcases a property’s standout features such as open floor plans, high ceilings, or breathtaking views. Professional photographers have the expertise to capture these aspects in the most appealing way possible, attracting more potential buyers to the property.

In conclusion, real estate photography is essential for success in today’s market. It allows properties to stand out from competitors, attract more interested buyers, and increase their perceived value. By investing in expert real estate photography, sellers can streamline the sales process and increase their chances of securing a successful sale.

Real estate photography is crucial for the real estate sector for the following reasons:

1: First Impression: Real estate photography gives prospective purchasers an initial view of the property.

2: Buyers may be turned off and less inclined to pursue the property further if the images are grainy, poorly lighted, or badly arranged.

3: Many buyers are drawn to a property because of high-quality real estate photography. People frequently begin their hunt for a new home online.

4: Increased Value: A property’s perceived worth may rise as a result of professional real estate photography. Even if the price stays the same, professionally lit and composed images can give the impression that the property is more valuable.

5: High-quality photography can provide a home a competitive edge over comparable properties with poorer quality photographs in a congested real estate market. A house can stand out and attract potential buyers with the aid of professional images.

Ultimately, professional photographers are worth hiring to guarantee that your properties are presented in the best possible light because real estate photography is a crucial component of the real estate industry.

Expert Photography Services FAQ: Answers to Common Questions

How long you been doing property photography? 
Massimo has been doing property photography for 23 years, specialising in both Sydney and Malta. Throughout his career, I have photographed over 500,000 properties.

What cameras do you use? 
At our photoshoots, we utilise the Nikon Z Series along with a wide range of lenses and bounce lighting techniques to capture stunning images. All photos are shot in NEF RAW format, ensuring the highest quality.

How long does a typical real estate photoshoot take?
Around 40 mins to 1 Hour

How many photos will I receive for my property listing?
Around 30-50 All Angles possible

What is your turnaround time for delivering finished photos?
Around 3 Days – Photoshop production can take 6 hours

Do you offer twilight or night-time photography?
Yes we do – Summer can be around 8:00pm winter time around 5:30pm

How should I prepare my property for the photoshoot?
Declutter, Prioritize key areas, Clear refrigerator surfaces, Tidy bathrooms, Prep bedrooms, Organize living spaces, illuminate the property bright and welcoming ambiance, enhance curb appeal and outdoor furniture is clean, ensure the counter tops are clear, and all personal items are stored away, remove any unnecessary items, such as stacks of magazines, remote controls, or children’s toys.

Are there additional fees for travel or other expenses?
Yes for Gozo, No charges for Malta

Do you offer discounts for repeat clients or for multiple properties?
Yes, we do, if there are more than one unit in one block at the same trip same location.