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How Does it Work?
Let us find you the right buyer. Eliminate unqualified buyers. Deliver information to the buyer promptly. We will have all the info and floor plans.
Fair is Fair. Will pay back the difference if the property needs to be stopped. Cancel at any time.
Instant Operator Services 8am till 9pm Monday to Sunday

Digital Communication Concierge Service
Let us find you the right buyer, filtering waste timers unqualified buyers.

Cost Break Up:
€95 Facebook/Instagram Advertising Cost
Invoice statistical reports from Meta

€30 Setup pages, Art work

€75 Live Operator Services One Month

Monday to Sunday 8am till 10pm live Instant respond all platforms.
Next Business day or Hours replay 10pm till 8am during Operation Hours
(WhatsApp – Messenger – Phone – SMS – Telegram – Email – Live Chat)
(Languages Maltese, English, Italian, German)

Our digital communication concierge service will help you achieve your goals more consistently and without the need to think about the operative details. Our concierge service allows you to focus, and let us do the leg-work of keeping your inquires running smoothly.

Professional Photography
3D Videos
Facebook Advertising